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I want to live in Canada permanently

Family Sponsorship

Canada is dedicated to reunifying families together and will be making all efforts to reduce processing times to 12 months and under for inside and outside of Canada applications. In order to do so Canada’s processing centers will not be making any delays with incomplete applications that are missing details (either minor or major). This is critical to the examining process in the beginning before submission. Due to the many changes, that are constant in this program, such as the standard of proof of a genuine relationship that has risen. More documentation is needed to verify bonifide relationships. Thinking outside the box to what makes your relationship dynamic different is important to us. We work hard at reflecting that loving dynamic on paper for an officer to get a real feel for your relationship and love story. Quick processing allows you to build on your family faster; we would love to be a part of this journey with you. Give us a call today.

Definitions of relationships


You are a spouse if you are married to your sponsor and your marriage is legally valid

Common-law partner

You are a common-law partner, either of the opposite sex or same sex, if you have been living together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year in a continuous 12-month period that was not interrupted. You will need proof that you and your common-law partner have combined your affairs and set up a household

Conjugal partner

This category is for partners, either of the opposite sex or same sex, in exceptional circumstances beyond their control that prevent them from living together and therefore cannot qualifying as common-law partners or spouses


A son or daughter is dependent when the child:

Please Note: Dependent children under the age of 22 will be eligible to be sponsored in the fall of 2017, when changes to immigration legislation will come into force
NOTE: Sponsors must qualify and have obligations to maintain for an extended period of time. 

Express Entry

Federal Skilled Worker 

All persons must striving towards a permanent resident application through this avenue must create a profile to be considered. Before submitting an application preliminary documents must be submitted and included. This is based on a points system which has vastly changed from the archaic federal skilled worker process. The Ranking System allows officer to select candidates that are best suited for the labour climate changes that happen throughout the year. Go to the Link and to get an idea of your potential points. 

Canadian Experience Class

Student to Permanent Residence: After completing studying and valid work experience you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence. It is important for you to stay ahead of changing news for students. We can assist with your action plan to permanent residence so you can be guide with your choices. Your time in Canada is time sensitive and utilizing it appropriately is very important. 

Worker to Permanent Residence: Once you complete a minimum of one year work experience in the appropriate skill level you will be on track to applying for permanent residence. A full time job offer can be of assistance, we can help you explore your options.

Provincial Nominee

A special category that changes based on the needs of each province separately. Unlike the Federal level program that is overarching for the main needs of Canada, the provinces have individuals’ needs that they source for. The nomination certificate is limited, find out if your company qualifying for a nomination certificate. Or if there is room for you to be considered for nomination to a province today. In our News feed we will update some special provinces and there needs to be considered if you qualify. 

Unique Circumstances

Humanitarian and Compassionate Considerations 

You might be saying I don’t fall into place with any of the above situations but I have been in Canada for several years and feel connected like it is my home. You might have been here for an extended period of time due to special circumstances that don’t apply to everyone else. This is a case by case category and we would love to hear from you to know if you have grounds that need to be considered by the Minister. You should not be forgotten and you may be a benefit to the Canadian society and they don’t know it yet. Contact us so we can hear all about your situation. 

Refugee and Protected Persons: 

If are facing danger of live by torture or threat to your life you may be someone who needs protection from Canada. This is not only for countries that are typical refugee cases, this also applies to persons that are in situations that need protection and their country is unable to do so. For us to know if you qualify we would need to hear from you. We will not pry or be pushy, we will listen and ask questions related to your grounds for refugee/protected person status.

Appeals: We handle matters that appear before the Immigration Appeal Division with the Immigration Refugee Board. These matter occur all over and we are equipped to assist persons in different countries that might be dealing with a sponsorship application appeal or in different provinces that are dealing with appeals. Family and friends come are important to the support system of those that are facing appeals. We would love to help get you through this process.

It is a Time Sensitive Process, if you fall in line with the following contact us today to see how we can help you.

Sponsoring someone outside of Canada

If you are late for an appeal submission, let us know right away so we can try to help submit an application for a late appeal to reopen your considerations. Inadmissibility: A person is inadmissible to Canada for either criminal or medical reasons. Many circumstances lands someone in this position but it doesn’t mean there is no hope for you. For criminal inadmissibility there is rehabilitation applications and authorization to return to Canada if that applies to your situation. Each person has a specific situation that outlines there reason for inadmissibility, to assist you further get in contact with us.

Detention Review: the clock is ticking the first 48 hours than 7 days and then 30 days to be considered for release from detention from a holding center. Everyone matters at this point, family, friends, and the rap sheet of occurrences while in Canada. This is a delicate matter that requires fast thinking and resources. Your first 48 hours matter most, as this is where you bring your case before the member first to be considered. The standard is high and having the right representation and direction is important. Contact us today.