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An Application for partner (Spouse/Common Law/Conjugal) sponsorship of your true love has been submitted and you receive a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada High Commission requesting an interview. You know your partner inside and out, you spend every day on the phone, face-time, Skype, What’s App, Snap chat everywhere and see each other. You’re not nervous but you’re also not sure of the questions, the setup, or the overall framework of the interview. You know that this is your one shot to get it right, to avoid further delays. You want a little preparation and understanding just to be certain and confident going into that interview.

We can help you with this, whether it’s an extension of stay as a visitor, student, and worker or bridging extension, Canadian Connection is the company to call. We have experience with unique circumstances that occur all the time. We handle from start to finish or just the submission process. You make the call on what you need.


This is where we come in handy; interview preparation. We provide flat fees for these services because it specific and targeted. We assist in other interview preparation formats for inside and outside Canada applications. 
A visitor visa application has been prepared by you and your friend who also was approved for a visitor visa before. You’re trusting this friends experience and suggestions while preparing your application. There is a major event occurring so you want to ensure you present the best application possible to reflect your current situation. You feel good, you know you have a good case, but you’re just wondering if you missed anything or over looked something. After all you are submitting an important document package to Immigration Canada that will remain in their system over the years. You are looking for a second opinion review from someone other than your friend.


This is where Canadian Connection Immigration can step in for a quick application review. Taking the time to look over what you have considered, your reason for travel, and supporting documents for an officer to consider. To know if you are on the right track or if you have something else to include. We can give you this feedback from a professional position. 
You’re inside Canada as an international student that has been studying but needs a little more time to finish additional studies. You submitted your first application to enter Canada on your own, but you’re swamped with school work, part time job, and quite frankly your head is just not in the position to complete an extension of stay. You’re concerned about what Immigration Canada will think of you needing more time after you’ve already received 2 years to complete your program. You need a break from the important paperwork and someone to prepare the intricate things needed to explain your unique circumstance.