I Want To Enter Canada

There are a number of information needed to enter canada, here are some insights

Temporary Resident Visa

Maybe you have family or friends you want to visit or a scenic vacation you’ve been dreaming of taking but you need a visa to enter Canada.

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Super Visa

Attention all parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents, this may be your avenue for spending more ....

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Work Permit

For an ever changing labour market many skilled workers, trade workers, and low skilled workers are always needed somewhere but are ...

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Study Permit

Education is food for the mind to help you grow in your present career or when just starting to build to enter the work force strong....

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A La Carte Services

We assist people frequently but some persons can manage this all on their own, we respect that decision, and still offer our assistance if you need some minor advice, review, or feedback. These are the A la Carte Services that change case by case.
Scenarios below can give you an idea of how we can help but is not exclusive to these scenarios. If you are unclear give us a call and see how we can be of assistance to your situation. 

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Canadian Connection Immigration

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Who we are

  • Summary

    Canadian Connection Immigration has a long history helping persons, families and businesses navigate through the complexities of Canada’s Immigration procedures and laws. We are more than the physical aspects of an operating business; we care about your matter and want you to have a fair chance at meeting your immigration goals. 

  • An Agency is Born

    Our company was founded by Melanie Grant, who is the daughter of two retired immigration consultants. Growing in that environment she has gained firsthand experience watching the changes to Canada’s immigration and how that has impacted many families. She has been operating as a licensed immigration consultant since 2010 and an honors graduate in the competitive Immigration Practitioner program offered initially at Seneca College. Canadian Connection Immigration has since then held many families obtain permanent residence through the services that are offered on this website. We care about what we do, even though we know there are no guarantees, it is worth the hard work because there is no other gratifying feeling than the smile on someone’s face when they say “I got through”, it is better than the thank you that comes after. 

  • Our Focus

    We focus on application preparation for permanent residence to work and study permits, family sponsorship, immigration appeals, overcoming inadmissibility, and strategic applications for successful Express Entry selection. 

  • We look forward to helping you.